Influence App

Influence App


Influence others using their psychology. Designed by leadership development psychologists this App is a practical tool which enables you to influence those around you based on their psychological profile. The interactive questionnaire allows you to profile the behaviour of people you know and get practical advice on how to best influence that individual.

»  Great for improving difficult relationships
»  Simple and practical tool
»  Build a psychological profile of people you know
»  Get practical advice on how to best influence different people
»  Find out what NOT to do
»  Influence people using their psychology
»  Store people’s profiles for future use
»  Great for people who want to improve their leadership
»  Test yourself and discover your own profile

Some excerts from the reviews on iTunes App Store

"I've already used this to see if I could improve interactions with a couple of clients, and it certainly helped me with my approach - I felt more confident dealing with them!"

"Great app - it's so quick and easy to use that I can even use it during meeting breaks!  It will definitely help me in my job."

....tried this on a business colleague that I was having issues getting along with.  App gave me insight of what buttons not to press so we can get along better.....Definitely works in this scenario.  Recommend if having issues with a colleague."

'Influence' is one of a series of Apps designed to provide you with a leadership toolkit on your smart phone or iPad.

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